PM has unveiled the government’s program for youth which consists of six especially formulated schemes:

1.     MICRO Interest Free Loans
2.     Small Business Loans Scheme
3.     Youth Training Scheme
4.     Youth Skills Development Scheme
5.     PM’s Scheme for Provision of Laptop
6.     PM’s Scheme for Reimbursement of Fee of Students from the Less Developed Areas

PM has desired that the people, especially youth should give suggestions & proposals which can be incorporated in these schemes to make them more effective, transparent & 100% on merit.
You are requested to give innovative but practical suggestions in view of the current national & global requirements & potential, strengths and aptitude of our youth. So give voice to your ideas & support the government in its initiatives for the youth. These proposals will be forwarded to the PM office for inclusion in the government’s program for youth. Please post/send your suggestions at:

Phone no: -    80028 


  1. My name is khail Jan and i am thankful to Prime minister nawaz sharif that you announced special loan program for youth. It can be more effective if honest people chose in forwarding quality education.
    Experienced staff is the basic need of time. use the nation wealth on right way so that youth take full advantage from the current announced scheme.


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