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Old allies, new resolve

Courtesy:- Malik Muhammad Ashraf Prime Minister’s visit to US has been quite satisfying and successful. There is now a mutual resolve to make a fresh start. Pakistan and US despite their differences on certain issues cannot afford a rupture in their relations or allowing them to slide down to the lowest ebb. They need each other in taking the war on terror to its logical end, settlement of Afghan tangle and working together for promoting regional and global peace. The parleys between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President rightly reaffirmed continued partnership between the two countries in these areas. President Obama acknowledging the contribution and sacrifices made by Pakistan in the war on terror, extended the assurance that while concluding any settlement of the Afghan issue, US would address Pakistan’s concerns about Afghanistan once the US pulls out.

Indian aggression persists in IHK

Courtesy:- S Rahman Whenever, there is discussion on Indo-Pak ties, attention is automatically drawn towards Kashmir that has, at times, been declared nuclear flashpoint by some global powers. And whenever there is discussion on nuclearization of the two neighbours, the first-use or second-use options also come under consideration. It is strange why the world fraternity or other leading powers don\'t give serious thought to the first-use of force in the Kashmir context? It is a historical fact proven with concrete evidence that India was the first to use (brute) force and aggression to launch an attack on Jammu and Kashmir 66 years ago this day i.e 27th of October?

A new beginning?

Courtesy:- Malik Muhammad Ashraf  The vision about regional peace and shared economic prosperity expounded by  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif---premised on settlement of all disputes with India including Kashmir through a process of dialogue---in his address to the UN General Assembly is indeed a right  and pragmatic prescription for ending the decades old animosity between the two countries. The continued hostility and the resultant arms race between them has, as the Prime Minister rightly pointed out, consumed huge and precious resources of both the countries that could have been spent on their socio-economic development and changing the economic situation of the teeming millions in both the countries. The changing global and regional realities also dictate a break from the unenviable past by casting away the hate-syndrome, drummed up and sustained by extremist elements on both sides who lose no opportunity to sabotage the peace process whenever it enters the realm of re