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The Black Day

Courtesy:-   Malik Muhammad Ashraf Reigniting the exchange of fire along the LOC and the working boundary by India and the consequent bellicose blustering by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a sad response to the peace overtures made by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his envisioned approach to build bonhomie with India and carrying forward the suspended dialogue between the two countries to resolve mutual disputes, including the core issue of Kashmir. Equally worrying is the fact that the Modi government is trying to repeal article 370 of the Indian constitution which gave special status to Kashmir; an endorsement of its disputed antecedents. The conduct of the Indian government in regards to the Kashmir dispute and relations with Pakistan is terribly out of synch with the emerging geo-politcal, strategic and economic realities. For ensuring lasting peace in the region and harnessing the economic potential for shared economic prosperity, normalization of relations between P

Connecting with Kabul

Time for a new doctrine Sartaj Aziz’s trip to Kabul seems to have worked out nicely. Abdullah Ghani not only accepted Nawaz Sharif’s invitation – he promised to visit “soon” – but also appreciated how the two countries now had an historic opportunity to transform bilateral relations, which should be based on mutually beneficial partnerships. That in itself is a welcome break from the Karzai days, when responsibility of almost everything going wrong in Afghanistan was heaped onto Pakistan, especially the intelligence agency.