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The real threat

Courtesy:-     Malik Muhammad Ashraf IS is a bigger problem than all others The Islamic state or Daesh is a collection of Sunni insurgent groups formed in 2006, the responsibility of whose emergence, according to a professor of Harvard University Stephen M Walt lies with neoconservatives of US who pushed for invasion of Iraq in 2003. Writing in the  Foreign Policy  magazine, he said: “The Islamic state would not exist if the neo-cons had not led us blindly into Iraq and Iran would have no reason to contemplate getting nuclear weapons if it had not watched the US throw its weight around in the region and threaten it directly with regime change.” This view is also supported by a former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia under George Bush, Mr Chas W Freeman Jr. In a speech he observed that the US attempts to reconfigure the Middle East had backfired: “If we are at all honest, we must admit that the deplorable state of affairs in the Middle East, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon,

SCO comes of Age

Courtesy:-    K. Iqbal President Vladimir Putin opened the 2015 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit by announcing the acceptance of Pakistan and India as members. He said Belarus would obtain observer status, joining Afghanistan, Iran and Mongolia, while Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia and Nepal would be welcomed as “dialogue partners.” The SCO leaders have expressed hope that Iran also would soon become a member, but first, Tehran needed to reach an international agreement on curbing its nuclear programme. “It is obvious that together we can more effectively resist crisis events in the world economy and finance, more easily overcome restrictions and barriers of various kinds,” Putin said while talking about plans to deepen economic and trade ties. SCO is building a “harmonious region” in keeping with the Shanghai Spirit that promotes mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilisations and pursuit of common development. After the current