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The Indus Water Treaty and the World Bank

Courtesy:- MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Pakistan and India have been involved in intractable discussions to resolve the dispute regarding construction of two hydro electric power plants namely Kishenganga and Ralte being built by the latter in violation of the provisions of the Indus Water Treaty. So in view of the stalemate on the issue Pakistan requested the World Bank which had brokered the accord and also assumed the role of guarantor of the Treaty, to  establish a court of Arbitration to resolve the differences between the two countries. India simultaneously requested the World Bank for the appointment of a neutral expert. The World Bank initially agreed to set up both the Arbitration Court and the appointment of the neutral expert. However in response to the Indian objection on two parallel processes which it maintained was not legally tenable, the World Bank decided to announce   a ‘pause’ and asking both the parties to resolve the issue through bilateral avenues.  Giving the r

CPEC harbinger of regional connectivity

Courtesy:-    Malik Muhammad Ashraf   Regional connectivity and development of the required infrastructure through cooperative efforts of the participating countries for shared economic prosperity is a visionary concept and recipe for addressing issues related to poverty alleviation and development, as well as ensuring peace through economic interdependence. The leadership of new China deserves credit for pioneering this movement through its ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative, which is likely to benefit 26 countries. The CPEC being the pivot of the initiative has generated a lot of interest and acceptability among the countries of South Asia and Central Asia, and even some of the European countries have shown their willingness to join it. Pakistan due to its geo-strategic location is a key participant in making the venture successful. Pakistan surely will also be its greatest beneficiary by becoming a hub of economic activity for both regions. CPEC, therefore, is