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LNG deal: A welcome development

Courtesy:-    Malik Muhammad Ashraf   The much awaited and badly needed LNG deal with Qatar has finally been clinched and an agreement to this effect was signed between the two countries during the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Qatar. The significance of the deal for an energy deficient country like Pakistan can hardly be over-emphasized. Energy is regarded as the life-line of a nation and an engine of development besides ensuring the enjoyment of comforts of the modern life to the masses, made possible by the emergence of new technologies. Sustained economic development of an energy starved country is inconceivable. Attaining energy security, therefore, is vital for propelling development and change in any country.

PML-N govt overcomes challenges

Courtesy:- S Rahman  PML-N government has passed through the mill and met challenges coming its way one after the other with unprecedented perseverance, sagacity, political will and determination with the result that the country has made strides on all the important fronts including counter-terrorism, economic revival, inflow of substantial foreign investment, energy sufficiency etc.