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Budget and the economy

Courtesy:-    Malik Muhammad Ashraf The National Assembly, after a two-week long debate, passed the Rs. 4. 3 trillion budget for 2015-16 on Tuesday, giving it a legal cover.  Managing an economy and preparation of budget is indeed a very complex and arduous undertaking, especially with a resource-constrained country like Pakistan.  The budgets are not only the statements of revenue raised and expenditures on running the government, but are also an embodiment of an overall economic vision.  This is in regards to putting the economy on the path of sustained economic growth, with the ultimate goal of promoting the economic well being of the people through generations of more employment opportunities. 

Pakistan's aeronautics on the world map

Courtesy:-   FARHAT ALI Pakistan's stealth and beaming JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft roared over the skies of Paris, exhibiting spectacular aerial aerobics, manned by world's best acknowledged Pakistani pilots, amidst spell-bound and cheering spectators of few hundred thousands at the official opening of the 51st Paris International Air Show being held at Le Bourget Air Fields outside Paris. Prior to this JF-17 was displayed at Farnborough Air Show at Dubai and Zhuhai Air Show in China.  The Paris Air Show event is over 100-year-old and this is its 51st edition being held from 15 to 21 June, 2015. It is reputed to be the world's largest and longest running aero space trade show. This year over 140,000 professional visitors from 181 countries, 176,000 public visitors,285 official military and civilian delegations from 102 countries and 3100 journalists from around the world are participating in the event. It is the world's largest one point place to exhibit, sell an

A new era of modern transport begins

Courtesy:-  Ather Ali Khan By the grace of Almighty, all criticism, skepticism, adverse statements, doubts, propaganda, delaying tactics, physical hardships and other such hindrances have failed to obstruct the march of development in Pakistan as metro bus in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is on track. Today is the eventful day when people have started their journey to progress. All credit goes to the fore-sighted leadership of the country which envisaged this project and realized its importance for the masses for transforming their lives.


Courtesy:-  Malik M Ashraf Tuesday, June 02, 2015  - MEANS of communication and transportation are universally regarded as  essential ingredients  of economic progress, social integration and indispensable tools of public  facilitation . It is needless to emphasize that expansion in the  communication network  (building and improvement of roads) and provision of efficient means of transportation are one of the basic responsibilities of the governments in regards to accelerating the process of economic growth , keeping pace with the rapidly changing world, giving a touch of modernity to the communication infrastructure and improving the standard of services provided to the masses.