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PM treads prosperity path

Courtesy:-   S RAHMAN Instead of getting unnerved over the threatened long marches and protest rallies, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has expressed his resolve to foil all conspiracies with the support of other pro-democracy forces that are being hatched by elements of a particular mindset to derail the ongoing democratic system.   Now let us analyse whether this is merely a morale-boosting and confidence-gaining statement or an expression of real determination that is backed by vision and sound planning?   A little insight into the things reveal that the vision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is that of prosperity, peace and progress which makes him think and plan things optimistically and with faith in our national destiny.  

Putting a squeeze on funding terrorism

Courtesy:- MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF   The phenomenon of terrorism is probably the biggest challenge to the humanity in the 21 st  century, which has affected almost the entire world and more so the countries of the Islamic bloc, including Pakistan, with all the debilitating consequences for the economy and law and order besides traumatic impact on social harmony and peace. It is a challenge that apart from the coordinated efforts of comity of nations at the global level, also needs the support of their respective populations to subdue and eliminate the scourge. Dealing with the faceless terrorists, who have no religion but masquerade as its champions, is an extremely arduous undertaking. Apart from the legal and military muscle to quell them, the most effective way of scuttling their ability to carry on with their inhumane activities, is to deprive them of the fuel for their enterprise i.e., the money to finance their activities.