Safeguarding minorities rights

Courtesy:- Asmaar Bilal Mushtaq Sheikh 

It is good to note that the minorities in general and members of Hindu community in particular have been assured at the highest level of the President of Pakistan that they would be provided full protection and their constitutional rights safeguarded. According to the reports in the media, President Asif Ali Zardari reiterated the government’s firm commitment in this regard while receiving the report of the Parliamentary Committee he had set up last month to visit various districts of Sindh, meet members of the Hindu committee and present a report about their grievances to him. The Committee Chairman Senator Maula Bux Chandio along with other members presented the report to the President in Karachi.

The President was quoted as saying that nobody will be allowed to impose his agenda upon the minorities as it is against the teachings of Islam and fundamental principles enshrined in the 1973 Constitution.
While praising the parliamentary committee for its good work, as per the reports, the president quite emphatically stated that the minorities have every right to practice their faith freely and the government is duty bound to provide conducive atmosphere to them in this regard so that they are also able to make their positive and effective share in the nation building activities. It is also praiseworthy indeed that the parliamentary committee has not been disbanded after submitting its report but has instead been directed by President Zardari to continue looking into the grievances of the minorities and reports of violation of their constitutionally guaranteed rights and that their grievances ,if any, should be redressed at the earliest possible by the authorities concerned.
It would be all the more appreciated by all in particular the Hindu community members if President Asif Ali Zardari also directs to the official quarters concerned that the report of the parliamentary committee is made public in order to satisfy the communities who must already been appreciative of the steps taken at the highest level of the president.


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