The defender’s pride

Courtesy:-  Waheed Hamid

Defence Day (Youm-e-Difa) is celebrated in Pakistan as a national day on September 6 every year. The day reminds us of the supreme sacrifices Pakistan Army men rendered in 1965 when the nation went into war with India. On this day Pakistan Armed Forces successfully defended Lahore, Sialkot and other important sectors of the country from foreign aggression and repulsed a force which was 5 times bigger than Pakistan’s forces.

On September 6, 1965, Indian forces attacked Pakistan, but the defenders defended and left memories of selflessness and sacrifice for the Nation. M M Alam shot down 05 Hawker Hunter fighters of Indian Air Force, in air-to-air combat by shooting down five Indian aircraft in less than sixty seconds, and made a world record.

Pakistan recaptured Khem Karan, one of the world’s greatest battles of tanks was fought at Chawinda as India opened the Sialkot front with an armoured and three infantry divisions. Pakistan took the war to Indian soil and panic stricken Indian leaders rushed to the UNSC with a ceasefire request. Pakistan Navy’s success in Operation Dwarka left lessons for the students of world naval studies.

However, both sides returned to pre-war positions after Tashkent Declaration in Jan 1968. The Hallmark of the 1965 war was the united battle put up by Pakistan as a Nation in which everyone stood by their Armed forces.

The celebrations of September 6 each year remind us of Pakistan Armed forces which have excelled through its training, patriotism and morale. The examples left by the brave men and the love and aspirations of the Nation still keep the armed forces in high morale and they remain the best performers in the National and international tasks for United Nations whenever assigned to them. 

Pakistan armed forces have developed into an institution which train and produce a collective force to take on the challenges being faced by the nation not only in war but also in case of natural calamities.

The confidence level of the nation in its army is evident from the fact that even the ones who criticize army show confidence in them when it comes to responsibility and performance even in duties like election.

Like individuals no institution can be perfect or it would be angel but overwhelmingly armed forces enjoy the status of one of the top institutions of the country. Apart from collective achievements the standard of training in army can be gauged from the performance of its individuals, and their inputs for Pakistan after they retire at a young age and join the civil sector.

The soldiers who have laid their lives in line of duty and sacrificed their today for our tomorrow will always be remembered and discussed as a source of inspiration for the coming generation.

They have lived a candle’s life and burned themselves out to give us light of hope and freedom. The nation stands today with the army to build and defend the ideological and physical borders of Pakistan.


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